Titan + Iron Banner Armor
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October sounds rather optimistic, probably late LATE October. But yeah, I feel you.

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Good one dude, thats me now. I just wish I had started with that attitude from the very beginning.

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THATS IT. I GIVE UP. I’m going fucking mental after a DAKeep code. I’ve entered way beyond like thirty contests, varying from simple retweets, to more creative challenges. I’ve waited HOURS for people that post codes on the web, but I’m never quick enough. All of this way back since Pax.

Fucking-a dude, I give up, I’ll just play it when It’s finally released to everyone, I’m way too fucking tired of disappointment.

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"Fear is the Weekness" by In Flames, is the freaking shit. That is all, and you should all listen to it.

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I shaved my neck beard for this Me whenever anything is canceled (via shrugging) 137 notes
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60 days until Dragon Age: Inquisition



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Anonymous said: Link, please? :)

Sure, rejoice!


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If theres one thing you cannot complain about the final fantasy franchise its the freaking soundtrack, and goddamn Final Fantasy XV is keeping up tradition. Its my favourite part of the new trailer, and thats saying a lot.

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So i just finished this extensive painting of Logan being a suave shit right after a battle because we all know he can definitely blow smoke ringsthe lovely spacehamsters is to blame for this being painted in the first place
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I just ordered Dragon Age Last Flight. It’s only here in 10 days. Such is Portugal’s way.

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